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Sony Ericsson K700i
Sony Ericsson K700. This camera phone initiates the dawning of a new era in mobile imaging. Equipped with a large high-quality colour screen and a VGA

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Nokia 7600 phone
Nokia 7600 phone as its second 3G phone. Running on Nokia's Series 45 platform, the device incorporates a 16-bit (65, 536 colours) screen and offers f

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Nokia 6600 New Style
General Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth cm) 10.9 x 5.8 x 2.4 Weight 122 g AC adapter Yes Interface Hardware application

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Nokia 3560 color with new TDMA phones
Nokia 3560 is one of the first devices to bring a full-color screen to the TDMA environment. Consumers will appreciate the color screen as well as the

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Pogo Mobile Technology in U.K
Pogo has developed a unique platform to provide high-speed web access over existing GSM and GPRS networks. It enables the delivery of existing ri

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Nokia 7250 Digital Camera
Nokia 7250 is New model and inclue new technoloy , which has a design that's very similar to the 7210, but also integrates a digital camera. Like th

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Nokia 6800 Support J2ME
The Nokia 6800 model comes with a color display, support for SyncML, e-mail, J2ME and MMS, and also offers an integrated stereo FM radio. A dual band

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Nokia 6100 New Model
The Nokia 6100 is claimed by Nokia to be the world's smallest and lightest GPRS, MMS-enabled phone with color display, and offers tri-band 900/1800/19

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The New look Nokia 5100
Nokia is showing new phone in the first quarter 2003 .the Nokia 5100 phone provides improved protection against splashes, dust, and bumps. Nokia 5100

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Palm Tungsten T Mobile
The Tungsten T's most immediately noticeable feature is its sliding front panel, a first for a Palm OS device. The handheld slides in half, the bottom

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Siemens S55 Color GSM Triband
The Siemens S55 is a tri-band GSM/HSCSD/GPRS Multislot Class 10 phone with support for all the latest buzzword technologies, including EMS, MMS, WAP 1

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The new Nokia 3530
The new Nokia 3530 comes to you in living colour! Indulge in multimedia excitement with a high-resolution colour display. It lets you stay connected v

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Nokia 6650 combines GSM and WCDMA
The Nokia 6650 phone makes mobile moviemaking easier than ever. With a built-in camera for shooting video at over ten frames per second, a 4096-color

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Nokia 3650 New Moblie
Nokia's 7650 will no longer be the only Series 60 phone; meet the youth-targeted Nokia 3650 sporting tri-band GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, MMC expansion, a 1

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Sendo Z100 Multimedia
Sendo is much-anticipated Z100 smartphone is Windows Powered - but that won't be the only thing powering user experiences on it when it arrives. Amiga

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Siemens CL50 / 8008
The elegant CL50 is an inspiring, luxury clamshell phone designed exclusively for the Asia Pacific Region. The elegant lightweight (73 grams only)

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Sony Ericsson T68i mobile
Sony Ericsson T68i is the first Sony Ericsson Co-Branded GSM Phone. Phone is the enhanced version of 256 colour display T68. T68i is also the world fi

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Siemens M50 style
Siemens' M50 phone has been on the market takes a look at the GSM 900/1800 MHz phone with GPRS, WAP and J2ME support. You are special. With specia

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Nokia 6500 Basic Features
The Nokia 6500 is a surprisingly compact phone that puts you at the forefront.Nokia 6500 lets you synchronize your phone with your compatible PC, so i

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Nokia 3610 - In Asia
The new 3610 has new bright blue backlight and clear blue light on the keypad. Mobile Internet Services (WAP) ,Supports WAP1.1 ,Download the latest ne

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Sony Ericsson T600 for GSM 900/1800/1900
New The Sony Ericsson T600 is an ultra-mini mobile phone with WAP, text messaging with pictures and sounds, and a useful calendar. Small and very ligh

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