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    Nokia 6650 combines GSM and WCDMA
   The Nokia 6650 phone makes mobile moviemaking easier than ever. With a built-in camera for shooting video at over ten frames per second, a 4096-color display, and MMS capability for sending and receiving clips, you can spontaneously share your world like never before. Just shoot, send, and share-it's a cinch with the Nokia 6650 phone.

The 6650 is a tri-band phone, supporting GSM 900/1800 and WCDMA networks. That gives it support for up to 128 kbps transmission, and using WCDMA the phone is able to transmit both voice and data simultaneously. The 6650 also includes a 640x480 still camera that is also capable of capturing up to 20 seconds of video, complete with audio. Pictures and videos can be displayed on the device's 12-bit color display, or transmitted to other users using MMS.

For data transfer, the 6650 supports GPRS, WCDMA, Infrared, Bluetooth, and USB. That connection allows for the WAP 1.2.1 browser. The phone also supports MIDP Java 1.0, polyphonic ring tones, and e-wallet functions. It can synchronize with a PC, where the user can also view and edit recorded multimedia content from the camera, and even set up playlists on the device. It packs 7 MB of user-available RAM. And Nokia has managed to fit all of that into 141 grams.

Weight: 141 g
Dimensions: 132 x 52 x 25 mm
Talktime: 2 h 20 min (WCDMA), 2 h 40 min (GSM)
Standby time: Up to 350 h
Key features: Integrated camera for taking video and still images, new WCDMA air interface, fast connection: up to 128 kbps, multimedia messaging (MMS), large graphical color display, multitasking: talk and send simultaneously
Operating frequency: Tri-band mobile phone for WCDMA and GSM 900/1800 networks
Imaging resolution: Image/video capture at 640x480/128x96, more than 10 frames/second

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