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    Siemens SX45i
   Siemens has earned itself a reputation as a mobile phone maker, thus it's only fitting that the company is one of the first to put a hybrid PDA-mobile phone device on the market; the Siemens SX45i is an update to the SX45, which delivers on the promise of not only integrated GSM but also GPRS capabilities in a device that's also a PDA. Also; it's the first color device to offer such integrated functionality, except for Nokia's 9210 and the Motorola Accompli 009.

The SX45i is a combination of PDA and mobile phone for mobile business communication. Based on Microsoft’s Pocket PC operating system, the SX45i with an integrated GSM/GPRS phone is set to redefine the standard of mobile voice and data based communication. The SX45i brings seamless integration of PDA and mobile phone functionality allowing the sending and receiving of e.g. emails or SMS in one compact device.

The SX45i’s Compact Flash Slot and MultiMediaCard™ Slot enable the device to download and store software applications directly from a server opening the door to thousands of applications which can be installed and run on the SX45i‘s, 32 MB RAM memory. Furthermore the Compact Flash Slot and MultiMediaCard™ Slot can be used to extend the SX45i’s memory depending on the memory size offered by this two card device.

Keeping in touch with the office either through voice or e-mail is now more convenient than ever before. Using the SX45i‘s stereo headset users have access to full phone functionality via the integrated phone book manager using the touchscreen display. With a backlit TFT colour screen, capable of displaying over 65,000 colors the SX45i has the best display in its sector. This clarity ensures that applications such as ebooks, still image viewing and gaming can be viewed with unrivaled clarity. The GSM/GPRS capability of the SX45i means practical mobile access to the Internet, either through the device´s WAP Browser or via the Pocket Internet Explorer supplied with Pocket PC. In addition to accessing WAP and Internet sites, the SX45i can be configured to provide remote access to corporate LANs or Intranets via the Pocket Internet Explorer.

The Pocket PC operating system on the SX45i comes with software such as Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Outlook, Media Player (MP3), Calculator and Inbox as standard. By using the SX45i‘s Active Sync capabilities, users can easily sychronise their handset with MS Outlook ensuring the transfer of data between the office and the mobile device. By using a USB Port connection this is entirely seamless and fast.

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