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    Pogo Mobile Technology in U.K
    Pogo has developed a unique platform to provide high-speed web access over existing GSM and GPRS networks.

It enables the delivery of existing rich-media web sites and provides real, usable access to web-based email services, such as Freeserve, Yahoo! mail and Hotmail.

At the heart of the Pogo platform lies our unique compression algorithms, which produce an average compression ratio of 6:1 for standard websites, and we have 2 separate patents pending to protect this core Intellectual Property.

The complete platform consists of three main modules – each providing our network partners with increasing levels of commitment to enabling a new generation of mobile data services on their existing networks:

1. Browser/Gateway combination

2. Email/Contacts data store and synchronisation process

3. Low-cost, colour-screen mobile devices

As part of the product development and in order to demonstrate the potential of this web-based platform, we implemented all three of these modules by launching our own handheld device into the UK market in February 2002.

Initially available exclusively through The Carphone Warehouse, this trial has proved that mobile users will make good use of wireless access to the real web if they are enabled to do so (ARPU figures available on request).

Selling for anything between 100 and 350 GBP depending on subsidies and contracts, the device measured 150 mm across diagonal, 20 mm deep and weighed 240g (8.5 oz.).

Despite the initial Pogo product only supporting GSM, Pogo Mobile Solutions also aims to incorporate support for GPRS in its offerings.

When applied to standard GSM mobile networks, this breakthrough innovation provides real-time access to the web at an effective download rate of more than 56kb/s. And over GPRS networks, the download speeds range between 100kb/s and 150kb/s - using only two timeslots.

The combination of proxy-server gateway and web-browser client application provides the following features and functions:

- Favourites/History/Cache

- Image Zoom

- Drag-and-drop scrolling

- HTML v3.2, GIF, JPEG

- Javascript 1.1

- Macromedia Flash 4

- HTTPS 128 bit SSL

Device-side client software is available for selected Pocket PC devices or as part of the Pogo end-to-end solution. Support for Symbian and Palm OS is planned for 2003.

For further details about the pogo wireless web browser, visit the product website at Pogo

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